I Am Loved

I will be totally honest and tell you that I never really understood the attraction to kit subscritptions before I stumbled upon Paper Camellia. Now, I get it. Completely. 100% understand. I don’t have experience with other kits, but if they come anywhere close to Ria’s kits I think I need ALL of them. The kits at Paper Camellia are coordinated so beautifully and usually contain at least two coordinating lines.

This month is Simple Stories ‘I AM’ and Jen Hadfield Homemade and I am smitten to say the least. These lines go together perfectly and there are just enough hard lines to compliment the femininity of it.


Simple Stories I Am is the perfect collection for YOU to tell YOUR story. To leave YOUR legacy for those generations to come. It’s easy for us to be behind the camera, but if you really want to tell your story, you need to get in front of it too. It’s hard because we are busy, critical women, but take the time to be present in your life. It’ll make telling your story so much easier. (I’m even sharing my handwriting, it really is lovely, but I can’t write in a straight line if my life depended on it.)

My story is perfectly imperfect all the way down to the handwriting!

Stop by the Paper Camellia blog and check out my post here about leaving legacies. Get yourself the kit (If they are sold out, which they typically do, quickly, then I invite you to find a retailer who carries it and get started TODAY!) Find a cute album, fun embellishments, and start somewhere. The generations to come will thank you for it.

I promise.



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