Happy Everyday

I have TWO boys. Really, I do. I know you see a LOT of my littlest fella, Caden. However, I will tell you his older brother has multiple scrapbooks already. More importantly, he’s a teenager and teenage boys don’t like having their photos taken, unless it’s a selfie, and even then I’m pretty sure it’s a stretch. So, in my quest to catch up a little with Caden’s books and get non-selfie photos of my teenager you will likely see this little guy A LOT. (even though 10 is not so little anymore)

I created this page using lots of Amy Tan and Heidi Swapp from the December Paper Camillia Main Scrapbooking Kit and some gorgeous watercolors!

Being the mom of boys I don’t use florally, feminine papers or embellishments very often, but I feel like they worked really well with the accompanying photos.  Many lines don’t inspire me in a masculine sense, but I tend to push the envelope couldn’t be more thrilled with how these turned out!



We live in a river town. The boys’ school is on the banks of the river. It’s pretty and quaint and beautiful and really any number of adjectives could apply here. River towns have turtle season, at least ours does. Kind of like deer season, but turtles. It’s mostly when the babies hatch and head toward the water, but a lot of times they get confused and head right into oncoming traffic. Main Street or appropriately named River Park Drive runs along the river banks, too. As you can imagine, not so good during confused turtle season.

I picked this smiley boy up from preschool one day and we took a little detour and found this cute reptile slowly meandering down the middle of the road. We walked down to the river’s edge and put him by the water hoping to save him from his impending death. I don’t know if he stayed there, but Caden sure enjoyed seeing him close up. I grew up right across from the river and would have turtles in my bathtub frequently. This photo still makes me giggle because the turtle tinkled on him and he laughed HYSTERICALLY. Apparently, turtle pee on your shirt is pretty funny when you’re 4.  Turtle rescuing. . .  definitely high five worthy.


Watercolors. Amy Tan. Heidi Swapp. That bunny . . . get it? The tortoise and the hare? I couldn’t help myself.


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