“There’s a world of wisdom in our personal stories. Your life is a legacy, a gift that only you can give. Why waste something so precious?”
“Too many Americans have ignored their ancestors and family history and not bothered to examine their own life stories, much less share them with others. They too rarely share much of their past lives with friends, or pass them on to their progeny. And yet we desperately need to do all that…”

With Thanksgiving upon us and me helping my 8th grader with an extensive family history project today’s post was an easy one for me.

I have always been a firm believer in leaving a legacy for your children, grandchildren, and generations to follow. I’m finding myself struggling as I dig deep to find the intricacies of my ancestors. I struggle with the idea my children, future grandchildren, etc. will be doing the same someday.


This is a smidge of an insight on one of my grandmothers legacies….her food and the love she added to it. One of my upcoming design team projects has me pulling her old recipes and remembering the tummies and hearts she always filled with love.

If you were called today what would your legacy be?


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