Crimson Sunset

Not too long ago a sweet friend and I had a much overdue girls day out. We visited our favorite cupcake place, had great Mexican, and mango margaritas!  Heck yes! We finished our little day trip to a relatively new winery and though it was a yucky, rainy day outside it was beautiful inside.

Crimson Sunset is one of those out of the way, don’t blink or you’ll miss it kind of places. The wine is made strictly from organic grapes and was absolutely delish! The hard cider wasn’t too bad either, but the sweet, white wine was the winner for me!

crimson3 I recently got my hands on some Gelatos to try out and although these aren’t the kind you eat they are just as rich and creamy and lovely. I’ve discovered they are an excellent medium to have in your arsenal for a variety of different projects.  I started with a plain cream-colored textured cardstock and went to work covering it with what I envision as the colors of the sunset. This became my background. The lovely thing about gelatos is that they are water soluble and function quite nicely similar to that of watercolor paints. If you’d like to give them a try check the Paper Issues Shop!


Most of the bits and pieces used on this layout were from my November Swag Bag from Paper Issues! I’m telling you folks these are seriously the greatest things ever! You get a nice variety and you can do SO MUCH with one bag. If you use my code SUNSHINE – you can get 20% off AND they just started a subscription service so if you LOVE it like the rest of us – you don’t have to order it every month. Pay for your sub and it will be shipped to you as soon as they are ready! How conveniently awesome is that!?


. . . . and for all you folks carrying around your iPhone when you have an expensive “big girl” camera at home, this goes to show you that beautiful photos are still possible. I know most of us utilize these as our main camera’s now, which is okay. I have been trying consciously to use my big camera more often because I do like to enlarge images and frame them occasionally. You can do that with iphone images, but I seem to get a bit of a cleaner image with my Canon. After all, it’s the composition and the photographer that make the photo, not the equipment!

A glass of wine, you say, don’t mind if I do!



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