When Skies Are Gray

I’m still madly in love with all things Maggie Holmes!

My boys are 9 (almost 10) and 13 and I have a handful of maternity photos that were taken when I was expecting #2.  I would have been content to not have my belly in this one, but I really wanted to scrap it because it’s such a sweet photo of my oldest.  Unsure of the photographer, unsure of this whole baby thing, and was not letting go of his blankie for anyone.  So, there you have it, stretch marks and all!


Maggie Holmes’ lines are so versatile to me. I can use them for just about everything because they are soft and frilly yet I feel like they have a few bold elements that I can pull to make them go either way.


I handcut all of these little flag banner pieces and attached them with little staples and some stitching. They are from the Flea Market line. I combined Flea Market and Lucky Charm for this layout.


These pieces were from a 12×12 in the collection that I cut out and staggered.

I really do love this layout and how it came together and I really do love this sweet time in our lives.


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