Design Team News!!

Step out of your comfort zone, change things up, put yourself out there and it will result in amazing things!

I did just that and guess what? I am part of the Paper Issues Design Team!  I still truly cannot believe it!  I am along side some pretty incredible talent and the 7 of us are joining an already kick-ass team of designers!

I’ll have my introduction and a brand spankin’ new project up for you to see on October 12th! Until then you definitely need to check out all the inspiration at Paper Issues!

…..and if you do a little shopping they have so many pretty things! Use my online code SUNSHINE to save yourself 20% off your purchase! Wait, what? YES!  That way you can buy ALL the things!


PI Announcement final

See, right there, no over there, to the left, just up from the bottom – yup, that’s me!

Now go, buy all the things and come back and tell me what your favorite is!


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