Happy Mail!!

It’s Happy Mail Day here!

Earlier this year a friend and I partnered up and started a Project Life Secret SIster Swap group online.  I was a little overwhelmed at first to take on such a big task, but I’m so happy we did!  Each round is a 3-month commitment with the same sis at a very reasonable dollar amount. We’ve moved on to round 2 with new girls and new moderators and it’s been really fun.

I love putting together a package for my sis and of course receiving a mystery package is always fun, too! Mine came today and I thought I’d share a little peek into it’s contents.

While we do fill out questionnaires to give our sis an insight into our style and the things we like, it is still so much fun to get a package of things I never would have purchased for myself. Most of the time I realize my sis may know me better than I know myself!


She really put together an fabulous package (as she always does!) I haven’t had a chance to play with ANY of the chalk products so I’m tickled p i n k to try these out! I love the zebra cup, I have several of these types of cups and I can ALWAYS use a new one! They are perfect for using at my desk – yay, no spills!

All of it is perfect~! I can’t wait to play with everything!  The last package for this round will arrive in November and should have a reveal enclosed!!

Thank you!


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