This is one of those photos that I took with no idea what I would do with it someday, but it was one of the things I HAD to remember from Caden’s time in preschool.

As boys typically do, this kid played hard, every single day. The playground was filled with sand and everyday when I picked him up we would bring half the sand with us. So, I decided after awhile we would sit down and empty his shoes prior to leaving school for the day.

I might have also taken the photo because of my obsession with his kid-sized converse shoes. He wore those until they had no life left. I think I loved the shoes, but I loved him in them even more. He had such a cool-kid style.

I picked up those plastic letter tiles and I KNEW they would be perfect for what I wanted to do with this layout. I also tied a little twine from American Crafts on the last tile to replicate the shoe strings.

It makes me happy when a vision and a story come together so perfectly. shoes 2shoes


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