Changing It Up

It took me the longest time to make the jump from strictly traditional to Project Life and embrace the pocket scrapbooking style. I’m so happy that I did. I love it for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is simply that it relieves much of the pressure I placed on myself to spend hours upon hours on one 12×12 layout to make it an elaborate piece of artwork. I’ve had to reteach myself not to compare (scrapbooker problem #1), to convince myself that if it’s made by my hands and with love, it’s art no matter what.  It’s my art, my stories, my photos, my legacy.

With that said, I come across photos which for one reason or another really make me want to showcase them on a full page dedicated to just that. Lucky for me there are different sized inserts that will accommodate my itch. In efforts to work towards my goal of being selected for a design team I am finding myself stepping out of the box lately.  I have been mixing it up with the 12×12 pages again and using products I’ve never really used before and I’m loving it.

Mixing It Up

I know everyone has a different way of building their pages, but I would recommend finding something like I did here to store the bits and pieces of your project. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my scrapbooking budget on actual product instead of things like organizational pieces. I save everything, including the boxes my page inserts came in. Turns out they work perfectly for this! I like to put ideas together, walk away, and come back later and see if I still LOVE what I originally came up with. The nice thing is that the boxes stack so you can have multiple pages in progress at the same time!

What helpful discoveries like this have worked for you? I’d love for you to share them in the comments section below!


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