On summer . . .

and how I don’t want to start getting my tush out of bed early.  Maybe I should add something about how it’s virtually impossible to remember to update this blog? Or how I was adamant about sitting down and writing down the thoughts about our day because my kids are growing up too fast, yet have managed an epic fail at that goal?

I am not quite sure how to break it to my freckle-tanned, late-sleeping, always-hungry, and often-bored cherubs that school starts on the 20th and not the 23rd (which is a Saturday, mind you, and who starts school on a Saturday?) that they originally thought. That shaves 3 days off of their fleeting summer vacation.

We have so many things that we want to do yet and I’m going to have to pull out the cape to get it all done.  We made a half-assed attempt at a summer bucket list (all the rage on Pinterest) and we’ve not checked much off.  A few of the things we have left are: make homemade ice cream, our annual picnic trip to Osborne Nature Center, a little geocaching, creek stomping, and a few other things.  In my defense I know we’ve done some things that weren’t on the list to begin with. So, there’s that.


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