On repeat . . .

Music.  Every single day.  A conversation on Facebook today prompted this post.

I love discovering new music.  I don’t have a favorite genre or type of music.  I love it all.  Though I will say, I’m struggling at the moment with everything sounding the same.  I use Spotify all the time.  I mean, ALL the time.  I have my playlists made and while they probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone else – I can find what I like.   I LOVE, like big, puffy, pink, sparkly heart LOVE, when I discover new music from someone or somewhere that I end up playing on repeat.

Lately, my top 10 songs on repeat are (and for the record – it’s REALLY hard for me to choose just 10!!  Listed in no particular order and linked to Spotify because iTunes is being complicated.)

If you don’t use Spotify – I would highly recommend it.  It’s my favorite for playing music – even over iTunes, honestly.

1. Soulshine by the Allman Brothers (I can’t get enough of it.)

2. Happy by Pharrell Williams (because, really?)

3. Oh, What A Life (ENTIRE ALBUM) by the American Authors (it’s my blog, I can love the entire album if I want & Best Day of My Life is my ringtone.  I love them THAT much!!)

4. Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips (I have LOVED this boy since he very first auditioned on AI.)

5. The Perfect Life by Moby (I prefer the Acoustic Version)

6. Love Don’t Die by the Fray (heard it on AI – had to look it up immediately!)

7. I Walk Alone by Cher (Yup, she’s still got it!)

8. Sail by AWOLNATION (I don’t know if I’l’l ever get sick of this one)

9. Skinny Love by Bon Iver (I. just. love. it.)

10. Hey Mama by Matt Kearney (You should always kiss your mama before you leave!!)

Hopefully you found something on here that you can put on repeat, too.

What are you listening to?

Dance it out and Shine On.



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