OCD – Disclaimer

OCD - Disclaimer

I will let you in on the ONLY other piece of ‘equipment’ I must have in order to do my albums. Your Project Life kit cards come with rounded corners (there are other brands who make “pocket scrapbooking” cards that are NOT Becky Higgins brand – I use those, too). As a result of this my OCD kicks in (I didn’t even KNOW I had OCD until now.) When I put my photos in my albums they MUST have rounded corners. However, I do NOT reserve it just for photos. Memorabilia, newspaper clippings, etc. all have to have rounded corners before going in my books. The exception to the rule is – if anything important is going to be cut off or damaged. In that case, they usually stay squared and I attach them to a rounded-corner card.

This little beauty is the Becky HIggins Project Life Corner Rounder (there are other brands – they all do the same thing.) I was given one as a RAK and I bought one. They sell for about $10 bucks depending on the brand. (use a coupon!!!!) Don’t leave home without it….

I can’t help myself. I never said I was perfect.


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