My First Project Life Pages (photo heavy)

We all have to start somewhere.  The problem is finding where it is or getting to the point that you just do it out of necessity.  I had these photos in a regular 2 pic/page cheap photo album.  Is that okay? YES!!  At least they were in something and can be picked up, held, and looked at. But, there was no room for writing and I refuse to write on the back of photos.  I’ve seen what those look like years down the road.  It is NOT pretty folks.  Don’t do it.  Step away from the pen.

You will see cards in my pages that are blank and waiting for journaling.  I work in batches.  I tend to do several pages and then sit down and do JUST journaling.  It just works better for me. Find what works for you and go with it.  Don’t over think (someone please remind me that I just wrote that on here as advice to someone else.)  Image

There are items I added because I have a pretty good sized stash that needs to be used up.  The bottom left CELEBRATE piece – is chipboard, preprinted and I stuck it on with glue dot adhesive.  The yellow round piece is a “flair” piece – like what we used to stick to our denim jackets and backpacks (did that just date me?) I think there are waitresses at one of the food chains that wear these all over the uniforms, too? Right?  

I’m addicted to flair.  I. want. it. all.





(Nothing additional.  Cards and photos. It’s that easy.)


This one had the addition of some letter stickers (spelling Conor) that I had in my stash to use up.  I believe these were American Crafts brand.  There’s a few other stickers, too.


(again the addition of a few stash stickers)



It really is that simple.  



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