Go Cheetos!!

Can we fast forward to green grass and soccer season?  Or any season that isn’t WINTER???Image

This page is a little more embellished.  I love sports pages.  The sticker letters that spell out 2013 are 3-D stickers, called Thickers.  (say that 10 times real fast). I loved the varsity look and I knew I had a lot of sports pages they would work on.  They are the Letterman Thickers from American Craft.  You can see another piece of flair and something new to me.  Washi Tape.  Those little bits of colored tape are all Washi.  It comes in ninety-gabillion colors and prints and is another product that is cheap and goes a long way.  The C is a piece of chipboard, was already orange and so old that the adhesive wasn’t sticky anymore.  But, I used it anyway, it was perfect.  The last piece you see is the little orange dot on his individual photo.  It’s an enamel type sticky embellishment that comes in all different colors. Image

This last photo is the other side of that spread.  It has the varsity number 7, it has flair, it has a plastic  paper clip, washi, enamel dots, 3-D stickers, and it has a lot of layering.  I’m not a perfectly-straight kinda person. The  other element to this page is the rub-on stickers.  The word soccer at the top and the “knows no limits” are both rub ons.  They look like a sticker, but you rub them on with a popcicle stick!  Again, from my stash!!



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