Cut It Up!

This is one of those posts that is going to make you gasp.

We all have spent money on those team photos, you know, where the team photo and the individual MVP photo is in a collage-type arrangement? The photos are usually beautiful, but the collage design is subpar. I posed a question to one of the online PL forums I belong to and asked “can I really, I mean REALLY cut this thing up?” What I got in return was a resounding YES!!

So, I did…


…and I’m so happy I did.  Sure, I could have put it in an album insert in an 8.5×11 or a 8×10 pocket page.  But, what fun is that??  I’m obviously not done with this layout, but I wanted to show that it’s okay to cut it up.  Make it work for you.  It’s going to be FAR more fun to look at in here and we really don’t NEED all that other STUFF on the collage.  I have TWO challenges with baseball photos, making sure I have the RIGHT year in the RIGHT album with the RIGHT kiddo.  Simply because they ALL look the same.  The other challenge is making all of the pages look different.  Is it a big deal?  HECK NO!  Should it be stressed over, definitely NOT.  Have fun doing it and remembering the warmth of the sun and the sweat running down your face.  

Hey, it’s as close to summer as I can get right now.  Visuals people.  Visuals. 

Shine On.





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